Here are some questions we seem to get asked often. If you don’t see your question, don’t be afraid to ask. We are here for you.


What other services do you provide?

Everything from small decals, vehicle wraps, custom 3D signs and fully fabricated pylon signs and everything in between.

I have my logo on my website, can you use that?

Typically no. Images for websites are compressed to optimize browsing which results in small file sizes and lower quality.

What types of files do you except?

Adobe .pdf and Illustrator (.eps or .ai) files are the preferred file type.
*We request that you convert fonts to outlines before sending your file, as we may not have the font you used.
*Depending on the job, .jpegs may require additional work (mainly in the case for plotting, not digitally printing). An artwork charge may apply to clean up your file


What material can I use to build my sign?

Signs can be built from almost any material. Typical materials include everything from wood, PVC, metal, aluminum composite material, acrylic, HDU board, concrete, epoxy.

How long does it take to build a sign?

Smaller non complex signs can be completed in a day or two and larger more complex or fully fabricated signs can take up to a few weeks.

Vehicle Wraps

What is a wrap.

Vehicle wrapping is the practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different colour, or covering the vehicle in a business information and advertisements.

How long will a wrap last?

Wraps can last from either a couple of years to upwards of 7 or more years depending on how well it was maintained and the type of material used (promotion vinyl vs premium vinyl).

Can I pressure wash my vehicle?

It is recommended not to use high pressure as it may damage the vinyl or cause the seams to lift. It is best to hand wash your vehicle to prolong the life of the wrap.

How long does it take to wrap?

The length of the install process depends on the coverage and complexity of the wrap. Simpler designs such as vehicle logos and letter can be completed in a day. Complete vehicle wraps and those of more complexity can take up to 3 days or more.

Will a wrap damage my factory paint?

A wrap should not damage your vehicle’s paint. A wrap will actually help to protect and preserve the paint.

Can a wrap be removed?

Yes, the wrap can be removed from your vehicle. Removing the wrap will not cause damage to the paint, as long as the paint is in good condition.